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Trento, Italy July 2nd, 2020


2 July 2020

GPI (GPI: IM), a leading company in IT Solutions and Healthcare and Social Services, listed on the MTA market of Borsa Italiana, announces, further to the press release dated May 28, 2020, that yesterday late evening it has completed the acquisition of the assets as stipulated in the contract with HAEMONETICS CORPORATION (NYSE: HAE) signed on on May 28.


Under the terms of the agreement, Haemonetics and its subsidiary Global Med Technologies, Inc. will transfer the intellectual property, customer contracts and certain other assets relating to its ElDorado Donor®, Hemasphere®, Donor Doc®, Donor Doc Phlebotomy®, eDonor®, DonorSpace®, Surround™ and SafeTrace® software products to Gpi USA Inc. a Newco specifically established on June 10 this year, to expand Gpi’s business in the U.S. market, within the sector of the management of the entire blood transfusion process. Gpi USA inc. is a subsidary owned 100% by Gpi S.p.A. The closing brings more than U.S. 100 clients to Gpi.


The sector of blood management software is one of the main business lines in Gpi’s internationalization process. The Company entered into this market some years ago by the strategic acquisitions of Insiel Mercato (a leader in Italy), Hemasoft Software S.L. (present ion more than 60 countries and already operating in the USA), and Guyot Walser Informatique operating in 360 hospitals in France. On May 25, Gpi signed the agreement for the acquisition of 100% of the Medinfo Group, one player of note in France for the blood management software, composed of 3 companies: Medinfo International Hémoservice, Medical International Hemoservice Limitada Ltda e Chartage Software Sarl. The acquisition of the Medinfo Group widens Gpi’s range as it brings clients in France, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Thailand, United Kingdom, Spain and Belgium.


These acquisitions make Gpi an important global player in the Blood Management Software System, a so crucial sector especially now in the actual pandemic emergency



Established in 1987, Hemasoft is an international company with offices in Europe, the US and Asia providing specialized Services & Cloud-Based Software Solutions for Blood Donor Centers, Hospital Blood Banks, Cell Therapy Labs, Cord Blood Banks, LIS/Middleware, and Human Milk Banks in more than 60 countries.

Hemasoft as a branch of GPI is a leading technology partner in the Healthcare market. Thanks to state-of-the-art technology in Healthcare, IT and new Hi-Tech services. Hemasoft is able to understand the transformation needs, and the innovative drive, of its numerous customers in the public and private sector.

Our global experience includes proven leadership in developing and implementing solutions to reduce costs, increase profitability and operational efficiency.

We provide our customers around the world with the most innovative and scalable medical solutions, that integrate into existing infrastructure.

Our core values are: Innovation, Quality, Ease, Transparency.

We stand by our values and a culture of CARE that is present in everything we do.

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Software Solutions & Services

Hemasoft simplifies Blood Management processes using cloud-based solutions.

Our solutions and services such as: E-delphyn, validation, consulting, reporting, implementations and client support are known for: ease of integration, flexible implementation, high quality/safety, ability to interface with other software, and customization features.

Blood Samples

Blood Donors

Fully web-based software solution. customizable, reliable and secure, it covers all needs of a blood bank: all the way from donor recruitment, to final blood dispatching including phlebotomy, testing, component manufacturing, quality assurance, and stock monitoring.

Blood Test


Fully web-based software solution. Customizable, reliable and secure. Includes all necessary functionality of a hospital blood bank, including: blood ordering, inventory management, processing of patient specimens, serologic X-match, electronic X-match, configurable compatibility rules, reserving and issuing units, bed-side transfusion check and
full audit trail throughout the entire application

Blood Sample

Cell Therapy

Fully web-based software solution. Customizable, reliable and secure. It supports all necessary functionality such as cell collections, cell processing, lab testing, component manufacturing and labeling (ISBT 128), inventory management, distribution and traceability. It helps laboratories manage their quality and regulatory compliance requirements.


Solution for Blood Centers, Blood Banks, Cell Therapy Labs, Cord Blood Banks, Tissue Banks, Clinical Laboratories and Human Milk Banks. 

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Comprehensive blood management system designed for blood centers to manage their blood collection safety, maintain compliance, and improve efficiency.

Solution for Blood Centers, Blood Banks, Cell Therapy Labs, Cord Blood Banks, TissueIntegrated recruitment and staff scheduling solution.Banks, Clinical Laboratories and Human Milk Banks. 


Electronic donor history questionnaire


Web based donor recruitment software solution.


Laboratory software system designed to help organizations effectively collect and manage blood product test results.

Comprehensive software package used to help blood centers manage their information needs


Hemasoft supports more than 500 projects in over 60 countries

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